• The GOP Once Supported the Youth Vote

    by Jennifer Frost

    Once Republicans championed opening the franchise to 18 year-olds. Today, it seems the party is unwilling to win those votes and would prefer to restrict them. 

  • Fed Up with Emails from Democratic Pols? You're Not Alone

    by Lara Putnam and Micah Sifry

    The Democratic Party's strategy of electronic communications to raise fear and money is backfiring, as voters see little change despite their contributions. The party must reach people at their doorsteps, not through their inboxes. 

  • Teaching the 26th Amendment With The New York Times

    by Jennifer Frost

    A historian of the 26th Amendment offers a lesson plan for using newspapers as primary sources to teach how young Americans succeeded in lowering the voting age to 18. 

  • Attacking Sunday Voting is Part of a Long Tradition of Controlling Black Americans

    by Rebecca Brenner Graham

    Efforts to limit "souls to the polls" campaigns to bring Black voters to early voting stations after Sunday church services is part of a broader campaign of voting rights but also reflects longstanding conflicts revolving around Black Americans' traditional use of Sunday as a day of leisure and communal freedom. 

  • New York Times Seeks Firsthand Accounts of Voting

    The Times and ProPublica are providing a reporting mechanism for problems with voting or vote suppression locally, as well as for reporting stories about the voting experience across America. 

  • Making History: A Dispatch From Early Voting

    by Ron Steinman

    We must commend those who stood on line and stood up for democracy. That these people waited and then voted means that as a people we are still on track in preserving the Republic and what we contend, despite attacks on its value, it still stands for. 

  • The Electoral College Will Destroy America

    by Jesse Wegman

    The real problem with the Electoral College isn't that it inflates the power of small states. It erases the votes of tens of millions through state winner-take-all election rules. 

  • It Takes a Long Time to Vote

    by Jonathan Coopersmith

    No federal law governs wait times. Nearly two-thirds of voters in 2012 and three-quarters in 2018 waited less than 10 minutes. But long wait times are a chronic problem primarily for Latino and Black voters in “precincts with high minority populations, high population, and low incomes.”