• Can Imperial History Ride to Heritage’s Rescue?

    by Andrew Thompson

    Imagine a Britain without Stonehenge or Hadrian’s Wall. That very well could have been a reality if it hadn't been for the 1913 Ancient Monuments Consolidation and Amendment Act.

  • Debbie Doyle: The National Parks and the Value of History

    Debbie Ann Doyle is Coordinator: Committees & Meetings at the American Historical Association.Heritage tourism is big business. A recent report on the economic impact of the National Park Service (NPS) estimates that 279 million visits to the parks in 2011 generated $30 billion in economic activity and supported 252,000 jobs, both in the park service and in communities surrounding the parks.While budget-minded legislators may see historic sites and preservation as luxuries that might be trimmed from an austerity budget, cultural resources offer a good return on investment. National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis notes that the parks contribute $10 to the economy for every $1 in tax money invested in the National Park Service, which “makes good stewardship sense and good business sense.”