voting rights

  • Now or Never to Stop US Descent to Authoritarian Rule

    by Thomas Zimmer

    The Republican Party has operated on the core propositions that the Democratic opposition and its core constituencies are fundamentally illegitimate long before Donald Trump. Biden's victory shouldn't obscure how close they are to establishing permanent minority rule. 

  • Of Course the Federal Government Can Regulate Elections

    by Heather Cox Richardson

    The Constitution not only enables, but requires the federal government to act when state authority violates the principles of democracy, something President Harry Truman realized in 1946.

  • Manchin and Sinema are Fulfilling John Roberts's Vision

    by Ronald Brownstein

    "Roberts, who served as a young clerk to conservative Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist and as a Justice Department assistant in the Reagan administration, has long expressed hostility to federal oversight of voting and election rules."

  • NC GOP Carrying on Tradition of Muting the Black Vote

    North Carolina's gerrymandered legislative and Congressional district maps were drawn without consideration to race, say state Republicans. But it's difficult to miss the parallel between the 1890s and today: a conservative bloc of white voters subverting the will of Black and progressive coalition, say James Leloudis and Robert Korstad.

  • The State of Democracy: Jan. 22, 2022 (Feat. Carol Anderson)

    "One year after the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, 92Y’s second annual State of Democracy Summit—co-presented with Aspen Digital—will explore the most important questions facing the country right now."

  • The Dangers of Compromise on Voting Rights

    by Rachel Shelden

    Are moderate Democrats seeking bipartisan support for voting rights legislation repeating the errors of the antebellum legislators who misunderstood the South's commitment to securing slavery at any cost including secession? 

  • What 2021 Taught Us About Racial Justice Struggles

    An interdisciplinary group of scholars including Tomiko Brown-Nagin, Angie Maxwell, and Andra Gillespie discuss the advances, setbacks and new battles in the struggle for justice in 2021. 

  • When the Voter Fraud Myth Comes for You

    Sustaining the "big lie" that Trump was robbed of re-election requires small lies, including investigating and prosecuting individuals to sustain the myth of widespread cheating. This explains Texas's prosecution of Crystal Mason for casting a provisional ballot that was never even counted.