• From "Shell Shock" to PTSD, Veterans Have a Long Walk to Health

    by Charles Glass

    Iraq War veteran Will Robinson brought himself out of a mental health crisis by hiking more than 11,000 miles of trail from the Pacific Crest to the Appalachian, following the century-old prescription of British military doctor Arthur Brock. 

  • The Dirty, Deadly History of Depleted Uranium Munitions

    by Joshua Frank

    If British shipments of depleted uranium munitions to Ukrainian forces are matched by Russian invaders, Ukraine will face an environmental and health catastrophe that will outlast the war. Regardless of who wins, Ukrainians will lose. 

  • Russian Soldiers' Calls Home Echo Moral Injury Testimony of Vietnam Vets

    by Elise Lemire

    Translations of intercepted calls from Russian soliders in Ukraine reveal guilt, shame, anger, and loss of faith in national institutions and leadership that echo the testimony of Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Will these veterans help launch resistance to Russian militarism? 

  • How America Short-Changed Black WWII Vets, and Why it Still Matters

    by Matthew Delmont

    Black servicemembers immediately understood the insulting dismissal of their contributions to the war against fascism. But their exclusion, by legislative design and administrative discrimination, from the postwar benefits white veterans enjoyed was the longer-lasting harm. 

  • Lawrence Brooks, Oldest Surviving WWII Veteran, Dies at 112

    "Throughout his service in Australia, Brooks enjoyed a level of freedom he'd never experienced before, either in the military or at home. In interviews with the National World War II Museum, he marveled over that country's acceptance of Black soldiers, which were a marked contrast to the racist Jim Crow laws of the south at the time."

  • Moral Injury and the Forever Wars

    by Kelly Denton-Borhaug

    "Andy’s story clarifies a reality Americans badly need to grasp: the destruction of war goes far beyond its intended targets. In the end, its violence is impossible to control."

  • Recognizing an Unrecognized Chinese American WWII Veteran

    by A.J. Wong

    In December, Congress honored all Chinese American World War II veterans with the Congressional Gold Medal, and some of their families will be eligible to receive a replica medal in their names. Hoy You Lim (林開祐) was killed in action in France in 1944. None of his survivors could complete the paperwork to receive his medal. The granddaughter of another Chinese American veteran wants to recognize his service. 

  • New Memoir Tells Tale Of 1967 Beer Run To Vietnam

    John "Chick" Donohue was in a bar in Inwood in upper Manhattan in 1967 when the bartender suggested the neighborhood's contingent of troops in Vietnam would appreciate a beer. He made the delivery. His new book explains how. 

  • Breaking Lincoln's Promise

    by Shannon Bontrager

    Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address demanded that Americans keep the memory of both the Union dead and their cause alive and "hot." The cooling of that memory has enabled backlashes against justice through history, and today.