far right

  • Jeff Sharlet on the Intersectional Erotics of Fascism

    by Annika Brockschmidt

    In an interview with historian Annika Brockschmidt, journalist Jeff Sharlet discusses his new book on the "slow civil war" in America and the need to understand how the far right is sustained by the pleasure of ceasing to resist the tide of anger and instead being carried by it. 

  • Proud Boys' Convictions for Seditious Conspiracy Won't End the Far Right Threat

    by Tom Mockaitis

    Despite the conviction of leading organizers of the January 6 attack on the Capitol (which aimed at overturning Joe Biden's election), the extreme right will remain a threat, partly because of the flourishing of online channels for hate and partly because the Republican Party has framed the insurrection as legitimate political expression. 

  • Matthew Dallek: The Birchers Won By Losing

    The defeat of Barry Goldwater in 1964 was supposed to mark the demise of the conspiratorial right. Matthew Dallek's book explains how the fringe rose to dominate the Republican Party in 2024, in part because of the shortsightedness of liberal elites. 

  • Does Tucker's Path Lead to (Alex) Jonestown?

    Like Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson's success hinged on smuggling far-right conspiratorial views into the mainstream through incredulity and absurdity to encourage viewers to accept an alternate, grievance-driven reality. 

  • How Fox News Helped Break the American Right

    by Matthew Dallek

    The Republican Party has long struggled to keep extremists within its ranks at bay, if partly for political reasons. But the rise of Fox News has destroyed the guardrails older generations of mainstream conservatives set up against conspiracists, hatemongers, and bigots. 

  • How "Christian" is Christian Nationalism?

    Historian Kathryn Gin Lum, among other scholars, helps to shed light on the paradox that those who believe America is a "Christian nation" hold that view with greater militancy even as religious observance declines. 

  • Edsall: Is Trump Trapping the GOP in Conspiratorial Madness?

    Ron DeSantis can bolster his standing with the right by governing. Donald Trump, still the leader of the party, must invoke conspiracies and cartoonishly evil enemies. Historian Jeffrey Herf helps Thomas Edsall understand if there's an off-ramp. 

  • Why is Italy's Far Right Embracing Dante?

    Italy's original Fascists embraced Dante as a marker of national chauvinism, and a prophet of authoritarianism; today's far right has renewed their enthusiasm for the poet. 

  • How the Right Got Waco Wrong

    by Paul Renfro

    Historian Paul Renfro reviews Kevin Cook's new book, which seeks to explain how the 1993 siege of the Branch Davidian cult's Waco compound became a totem for the right while also decrying the aggressive law enforcement tactics that escalated the situation toward mass death. 

  • Inside the Neonazi Homeschool Community

    "A concerted, decades-long campaign by right-wing Christian groups to deregulate home schooling has afforded parents wide latitude in how they teach their kids — even if that means indoctrinating them with explicit fascism."

  • The Real Failures of January 6

    by Karen J. Greenberg

    Despite surface similarities, the attack on Brazil's government buildings earlier this month differed from January 6, 2021 in one key respect: the transfer of presidential power had already been accomplished. The contrast is sobering—for America. 

  • Bolsonaro's Long Shadow

    by Nara Roberta Silva

    The recently departed president is only the latest, and probably not the last, avatar of antidemocratic impulses in Brazilian politics, generally reflected by the elite recruiting the anxieties of the middle class to thwart broader social rights for the nation's poor. 

  • Victimhood and Vengeance: The Reactionary Roots of Christian Nationalism

    by Linda Greenhouse

    Three books offer illuminating and distressing insight on the eruption of Christian nationalism, a "deep story" in American cultural history that, when its adherents feel denied the power they expect, guides potentially violent vengeance. 

  • The Common Evangelical Roots of Insurrection in America and Brazil

    by Raimundo Barreto and João B. Chaves

    A century of international evangelical network-building and theological development have brought militant Christian nationalism to the forefront of right-wing politics in both nations. 

  • Deport Bolsonaro

    by Ben Burgis

    The former Brazilian president has no right or entitlement to live in Florida while avoiding accountability for crimes in Brazil committed both before and after his losing campaign for reelection.