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  • Originally published 07/19/2013

    Japan's Prime Minister is a Far-Right Nationalist

    Tessa Morris-Suzuki

    Is it possible that the best way to win future wars is to avoid them altogether?  As simple as that question is, you will rarely hear it asked in the halls of power in Washington.

  • Originally published 01/14/2013

    Reclaiming Compassionate Conservatism

    Gertrude Himmelfarb

    Toynbee Hall, a self-sustaining London community spearheaded by the Salvation Army, in 1902. Credit: Wiki Commons.Defeat, like death, concentrates the mind wonderfully. It also liberates the mind. People venture to think the unthinkable, or at least, the impermissible. A new generation of conservatives may be moved to reconsider some ideas that have fallen into disuse or even disrepute. Compassion is one such idea.