nuclear weapons

  • The Soviet Side of the 1983 War Scare

    Far from being a “non crisis” or a “war scare that wasn’t,” the 1983 US-Soviet confrontation is a profound representation of the “hair trigger” mindset toward which the nuclear arms race can push humanity.

  • Stumbling Toward Armageddon

    by Sergey Radchenko

    Newly declassified documents show why the Americans and the Soviets came so close to war in 1973.

  • Yeltsin: “Let Us ... Get Rid of the Nuclear Footballs”

    Possibly for the first time in U.S. diplomatic history, the “Nuclear Football” became a subject of a heads-of-state discussion when Russian President Boris Yeltsin proposed getting “rid” of it during a meeting with U.S. President Bill Clinton in September 1994.

  • TV and the Bomb

    by Reba Wissner

    Fictional American television shows featured serious topics such as nuclear weapons pretty frequently during the 1950s and 1960s.