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  • Originally published 10/23/2017

    Make America Great Again

    David Goldfield

    How? The accomplishments of government in the two decades after World War II provide a blueprint.

  • Originally published 10/02/2013

    Collateral Damage -- Agent Orange on Okinawa

    Jon Mitchell

    Recently-unearthed barrels lift the lid on one of the Pentagon’s best-kept Vietnam War secrets -- the storage of military defoliants in Japan.

  • Originally published 03/07/2013

    Amateur historian surpasses gov't in digitization efforts [VIDEO]

    One computer expert working alone has built a historic newspaper site that's orders of magnitude bigger and more popular than one created by a federal bureaucracy with millions of dollars to spend. Armed only with a few PCs and a cheap microfilm scanner, Tom Tryniski has played David to the Library of Congress’ Goliath.Tryniski's site, which he created in his living room in upstate New York, has grown into one of the largest historic newspaper databases in the world, with 22 million newspaper pages. By contrast, the Library of Congress' historic newspaper site, Chronicling America, has 5 million newspaper pages on its site while costing taxpayers about $3 per page.[*] In January, visitors to Fultonhistory.com accessed just over 6 million pages while Chronicling America pulled fewer than 3 million views.

  • Originally published 08/12/2014

    I Can't Help if I'm a Libertarian

    Liberty and Power

    It’s not easy being a libertarian. I am not looking for sympathy when I say that. I just mean to point out that rejecting the conventional wisdom on virtually (do I really need this adverb?) every political question, current and historical, can be wearying. Life could be so much simpler if it were otherwise. No doubt about that. I really don’t like conflict, especially when it can quickly turn personal, as it so often does. (I embrace the advice that one can disagree without being disagreeable.) But for a libertarian, disagreement with most people is not an option. We can’t help it.

  • Originally published 07/18/2014

    Let the Immigrants Stay

    Liberty and Power

    Virtually all commentary about the influx of unaccompanied Central American children into the United States, which some say could rise to 90,000 this year, misses the point: no government has the moral authority to capture these kids and send them back to the miserable situations they have escaped.

  • Originally published 07/18/2014

    Speaking to Nonlibertarians

    Liberty and Power

    If libertarians want to change how nonlibertarians’ think about government, they will need to understand how nonlibertarians think about government. By “nonlibertarians,” I mean the majority of people who spend little if any time pondering political theory, or what Murray Rothbard called political ethics. They may focus at times on particular government programs and actions, or on proposals for new programs, but rarely about government as an institution.