College Board

  • The Bankrupt Vision of the College Board

    by Annie Abrams

    "We have endowed the College Board with the power to shape millions of minds with its profitable exams. In turn, it holds students hostage for college tuition, stifles teachers, and destroys space for debating difficult topics."

  • Latest from Florida: DeSantis Suggests State Can "Do Without" College Board

    Such a move would have serious consequences for the College Board's revenue, but also potentially hurt Florida high school students by depriving them of rigorous courses. Florida currently pays students' AP testing fees and has the fifth highest per capita rate of students taking AP tests.

  • College Board Defends AP Course Decisions

    The Board stated that it regretted failing to make its disagreements with Florida's assessment of the course as lacking in educational value, and that it had betrayed the trust of scholars who had worked with it to develop the course.