Sam Bankman-Fried

  • 2022's Lesson? Billionaires Bad, Actually

    Tech historian Margaret O'Mara says Musk, like other tech moguls, has long been supported by a myth of the individual genius that is only now being overturned by his erratic decisionmaking, boosting of right-wing conspiracy theories, and incredibly thin-skinned reaction to criticism. 

  • Dickens Would Have Had Bankman-Fried's Number

    The novelist targeted the absurdities and self-congratulation of utilitarian philosophers, the forerunners of the tech industry's "effective altruism," in his 1854 "Hard Times." 

  • The Fall of the American Fraudster?

    From Sam Bankman-Fried to Dr. Oz, are the latest wave of American scam artists going to get what's coming to them? Stephen Mihm puts the lastest round of hucksters into the longer history of American fraud, official indifference, and public credulousness.