• Lizzo's Duet With History (and Madison's Crystal Flute)

    by Grace B. McGowan and Ravynn K. Stringfield

    Performing with the treasured national relic of a slaveholding President forced Americans to ask who owns antiquities, and has the right to tell their story. The controversy over the event shows that these are still contested questions. 

  • Lizzo Talks About the Flute

    The pop superstar touches on numerous subjects, including making history belong to everyone and the historical relationship of racist and sexist stereotyping of Black women's performances looking back to Josephine Baker. 

  • What Lizzo Can Teach the Right about History

    Commentator Mona Charen writes that Lizzo's embrace of an artifact of the founding generation should be welcomed by conservatives, who claim to stand for a history shared by all Americans without regard for identity.