• Union Organizing in the Long Shadow of the Gilded Age

    by Daisy Pitkin

    On listening to Andrew Carnegie's "The Gospel of Wealth" in Pittsburgh's Carnegie Library as librarians perform the kind of social services Carnegie deplored (and try to organize a union, which he deplored more). 

  • How Putin Conquered Russia's Oligarchs

    A key for Putin's consolidation of power was not eliminating the post-Soviet oligarchy but shaking it down for protection money and political obedience.

  • The West, and United States, Undermine Sanctions with their Financial Institutions

    by Casey Michel

    American law supports many of the instruments of international financial crime, and American banks and law firms staff them, because they are profitable and useful to oligarchs from around the world. Sanctions on Russian oligarchs will fail unless there is a crackdown on oligarchs in general. 

  • Seize the Oligarchs' Wealth

    by Faith Hillis

    Seizing assets and cracking down on money laundering is the best chance to turn Russia's oligarchical ruling class away from aggression in Ukraine.