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  • Originally published 12/23/2015

    UCLA Condemns Anti-Semitic Facebook Post

    The University of California at Los Angeles last week condemned an anti-Semitic comment that a UCLA student posted on the Facebook page of Mayim Bialik, the actress.

  • Originally published 01/21/2015

    "Jewish Ritual Murder" ... This is on Facebook?

    HNN Editor

    Facebook features a page that claims "Jews admit ritual consumption of Muslim and Christian children's blood to gain success in life." Facebook refuses to take the page down.

  • Originally published 02/22/2013

    Lucinda Matthews-Jones: Facebooking the Past

    Lucinda Matthews-Jones is a lecturer in history at Liverpool John Moore (UK), where she teaches nineteenth-century British History. Details of her research can be found on her academia.edu profile. She also blogs and co-edits the Journal of Victorian Culture: www.victorianculture.com. She tweets from @luciejones83.Digital databases have provided scholars with new ways to access source material. Have we been quick enough to extend these benefits to our students? As a history lecturer, I am keen to encourage students to get their hands dirty by exploring a number of different kinds of primary source databases. Just before Christmas, I decided that I wanted to use digital sources in a different way. I wanted my students not just to find source material but also to use it, digitally, in ways that showed their understanding of lecture topics.There was also a practical reason for this change of gear. Having recently been appointed to a new lectureship, I was faced with a new challenge: how to devise a 28 week long nineteenth century gender history module that would not necessarily rely on the traditional lecture/seminar format that I had been used to.

  • Originally published 04/07/2018

    How to Avoid Business Disasters with Behavioral Science

    Intentional Insights

    You might be surprised to learn that all of these business disasters were avoidable, as are many disasters suffered by medium and small businesses that don’t make it into the news.