Peoples Republic of China

  • Do Subtle Shifts in China's References to Divided Korea Signal Pragmatism on Taiwan?

    by Hu Ping and Perry Link

    In seeking to navigate Beijing's seeming intransigence on recognizing Taiwan, the United States can look to the PRC's subtle shift in rhetoric: it has stopped including divided Korea as a comparison to an unacceptable "two China" policy and categorized it as "one country, two governments," suggesting steps toward pragmatic acceptance. 

  • A Tale of Two Olympics: Changed China in a Changed World

    by Joe Renouard

    Since the 2008 Beijing games, the People's Republic of China's vastly increased global economic power and the COVID pandemic have changed the core narrative around the current winter games. It remains to be seen whether the Olympics will signal a turn back to openness or the intransigence of a confident world power.