Robert Caro

  • Fifth LBJ Volume by Caro "In Works"

    The latest volume is planned to cover the years from Johnson's first full year in the presidency in 1964 until his death in 1973.

  • Journalism Lessons with Robert Caro

    "Caro’s great subject—power—and his approach to journalism are as pertinent and vital here in the young years of this century as is the close, empathetic attention he pays toward those who become caught in the crosshairs of the powerful."

  • Robert Caro on Barbara Tuchman

    Robert Caro, the biographer of LBJ and Robert Moses, delivered a talk about a fellow historian, Barbara Tuchman, to a standing-room-only crowd at the Links Club on a recent evening. The event was sponsored by the Library of America, which was marking its reissue of her masterwork about the events leading up to World War I, "The Guns of August."The Library of America may not be familiar to all—it's actually not a library but a nonprofit publishing house—but most bibliophiles would probably recognize its handsome series (241 volumes and counting) in matching black covers decorated with a red, white and blue stripe. The series is devoted to great American writers; most, but certainly not all, are deceased.So expertly and elegantly are the books published, and so affordably priced, that I have a hunch: Were an author offered the option of a Library of America edition and an unmarked grave, or no book and a splendid sarcophagus, he or she would choose the former....

  • Robert Caro wins $10,000 Mark Lynton History prize

    NEW YORK — Historian and author Robert Caro has won yet another award.Caro’s latest Lyndon Johnson book, “The Passage of Power,” has received the Mark Lynton History prize. Caro, whose many honors during the past 40 years have included the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award, will receive $10,000....