• Why Washington Can't (or Won't) Quit Twitter

    Tech historian Margaret O'Mara says that the social platform keeps work-addicted (and sometimes gossipy) politicos connected all the time, making it both an emotional and instrumental necessity. 

  • #AcademicTwitter Isn't Collapsing – At Least Not Yet

    Twitter heavyweight Kevin Kruse says there is a danger that proposed changes to account verification could erode trust on the site, which could make him bail out. Ruth Ben-Ghiat and Mark Anthony Neal note many scholars like them have invested too much in their networks to make the decision lightly.

  • Musk: A Vapid Mind Boosted by Wealth and Ego

    by Siva Vaidhyanathan

    What happens when an unserious person has serious power over public discourse? We must take Musk more seriously than he seems to take anything himself. 

  • Josh Hawley’s Virtual Reality

    Writer Gilad Edelman says that Josh Hawley's book twists the history of antitrust policy to fit the needs of today's Republican culture war against the social media giants. 

  • Has Twitter Changed How History Will See This Era?

    Carole McGranahan, a professor of history and anthropology, says that social media need to be taken seriously as sources of insight into the actions of prominent and anonymous people alike, and need to be preserved as sources.

  • Dalton State Professor Takes Heat for Tweets; College Doesn't Plan Discipline

    A Dalton State (GA) history professor regrets his word choice in a series of tweets that was publicized by an anonymous user who sought disciplinary action by the college. Seth Weitz insists that he teaches history in the classroom, which involves challenging beliefs held by many of his students. 

  • He’s Sharing the History of Black New York, One Tweet at a Time

    Oluwanisola “Sola” Olosunde is an urban planning graduate student whose Twitter feed is a chronicle of the everyday life of Black New York. He helped bring to light a recent viral video of white Queens residents yelling racist abuse at young Black girls during a period of resistance to desegregation in the 1970s.

  • Academic Twitter's Gender Imbalance

    Female academics have about half the followers of men on Twitter and wield otherwise diminished influence there, according to a new study. The analysis pertains to medicine, but women across fields say the findings ring true.

  • Bret Stephens launches a foolish Twitter war

    by David M. Perry

    Being called a bedbug just isn't a big deal. Writing to a provost about the actions of an academic on Twitter, which Stephens said he did because "managers should be aware" how "their people...interact in the world," is the big deal. 

  • Tenure, Twitter and Taking Her Board to Task

    Historian at U of Minnesota "celebrates" tenure with a scathing critique of her governing board's recent actions against a building-renaming proposal. She says she couldn't have risked these statements without job security.