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David Cameron

  • Originally published 02/22/2013

    Should British Politicians Apologize for Colonialism?

    On Wednesday, Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain appeared in Amritsar, in the Indian state of Punjab, where he laid a commemorative wreath at Jallianwala Bagh, the site of a 1919 massacre of Indian protesters by British forces that killed about 1,000, according to the Indian government....Here’s what a few historians and political science experts had to say:...Basudev Chatterji, professor of history at University of Delhi:It is something he is doing as a representative of a country. It is a diplomatic and human gesture.It is, of course, a shameful thing to fire at unarmed people.I personally don’t believe in correcting historical wrongs, but it is a perfectly decent thing to do on the part of the British prime minister....

  • Originally published 02/21/2013

    PM Cameron visits Amritsar – but no apology

    David Cameron has been criticised for failing to meet the families of Indians killed by British troops as he tried to make amends for a "deeply shameful" Imperial massacre.The Prime Minister invoked Sir Winston Churchill as he lamented the "monstrous" killings in Amritsar in 1919.Mr Cameron flew to Amritsar at the end of a trade visit to Delhi and made a public show of British contrition over the massacre, which left at least 379 Sikh civilians dead.The Prime Minister visited a memorial in the Jallianwala Bagh gardens, laying a wreath and writing in a book of remembrance....