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  • Originally published 02/05/2015

    Joan of Arc getting her own museum in France

    The Historial Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc History Museum), an ambitious project spearheaded by Métropole Rouen Normandie, is the largest space dedicated to this historical figure of international renown. Opens 21 March 2015

  • Originally published 11/03/2014

    Museum of Jewish history opens in Poland

    The presidents of Poland and Israel on Tuesday joined Holocaust survivors for the formal opening of a multimedia museum that tells the 1,000-year history of Jewish life in Poland.

  • Originally published 10/21/2014

    GOP senators ripped for blocking museum

    House champions of legislation to jump-start the creation a women’s history museum in the nation’s capital are upping the pressure on Senate conservatives who are blocking the proposal in the upper chamber.

  • Originally published 02/20/2013

    Syrian violence threatens ancient treasures

    Aleppo's medieval covered market has already been gutted by fires which also ripped through the city's Umayyad mosque. Illegal excavations have threatened tombs in the desert town of Palmyra and the Bronze Age settlement of Ebla, and Interpol is hunting a 2,700-year-old statue taken from the city of Hama. In a country which also boasts stunning Crusader castles, Roman ruins and a history stretching back through the great empires of the Middle East to the dawn of human civilisation, the task of safeguarding that heritage from modern conflict is a daunting responsibility....

  • Originally published 02/28/2017

    Museums and the Power of Facts

    Steve Hochstadt

    Seekers of illegitimate power always create distorted narratives to justify their dominance. Freedom and justice depend on popular insistence on learning the truth about themselves, their world and their rulers.