• Americans Still Fumble in the Dark for Facts on Torture

    by Karen J. Greenberg

    The persistent efforts of scholars and human rights advocates are chipping away at the secrecy surrouding America's use of torture under the banner of national security in the War on Terror. 

  • Was the Legendary Viking "Blood Eagle" Torture Real?

    by David M. Perry and Matthew Gabriele

    "The blood eagle’s prominence within Viking society—both during the medieval era and as ascribed in the centuries since—stems from its emphasis on ritual and revenge."

  • 9/11 Forever

    by Joseph Margulies

    "By creating the impression that the stakes were not merely consequential but existential, the attacks of September 11 normalized previously unimaginable cruelty."

  • The Scars of Being Policed While Black (video)

    by Laurence Ralph

    Anthropologist and police violence researcher Laurence Ralph made the film above to explain exactly what it means to be policed in America today. It moves from my own experiences with racial profiling as a teenager to the horrific history of police torture in Chicago.

  • Legalize Torture? It’s Tortured Logic

    by Sam Ben-Meir

    The Report is largely about another single-minded individual, Daniel J. Jones (Adam Driver), lead investigator of the Senate Intelligence Committee, who spent five arduous years doggedly uncovering the CIA’s suspect detention and interrogation program following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

  • Gina Haspel’s CIA Torture File

    The Trump administration’s nominee to be CIA director, Gina Haspel, personally supervised the torture of a CIA detainee in 2002 leading to at least three waterboard sessions.