Long Island

  • Republicans Can Thank Suburban New Yorkers for House Majority

    by Stacie Taranto

    The volatile politics of New York's downstate suburbs trace back to the settlement of massive suburban tracts outside the city after World War II, which created a large constituency of homeowners concerned with "law and order." 

  • The County Where Cops Call the Shots

    Aaron Bekemeyer's PhD dissertation research examines how police unions, like those in Suffolk County, NY, became powerful in the 20th Century. Jennifer Mittelstadt also comments on the exceptional status of police unions.

  • On Long Island, a Beachfront Haven for Black Families

    An examination of the centuries-old Black community in and around Sag Harbor on Long Island, first a working port, then a vacation destination for the Black elite during segregation, to a historic enclave threatened by redevelopment.