1776 commission

  • Is Moms For Liberty Out to Protect Kids or Scare Parents?

    Williamson County in suburban Nashville shows how the astroturf Mom's group erupted on the scene to challenge a popular and well-regarded social studies curriculum for elementary schools on the grounds that its civil rights lessons were "divisive." 

  • On the Mythologizing of United States History

    by Matthew Teutsch

    "I am a native Louisianian, and I am white. I never learned about the racial violence and voter suppression that occurred during and after Reconstruction, nor did I learn about the massacres that continue to influence the present." 

  • Every Curriculum is Ideological

    by Peter Smagorinsky

    "Every curriculum is ideological. And simply through its selection of materials, subjects, and perspectives, every curriculum is doctrinaire. If conservative thought is designed to promote stability, then it also supports the perpetuation of existing inequities. That sounds political and ideological to me."

  • Editorial: Leave History to the Historians

    An Iowa editorial board says that the flaws of the 1619 Project are nothing in comparison to the efforts of state legislators to interfere in the content of history education. 

  • The 1776 Follies

    by Michael Kazin

    "At its core, the 1776 report reveals a profound ignorance about what professional historians of the United States actually think and do."

  • “Many Students Are Now Taught in School to Hate Their Own Country”

    by Jonathan Wilson

    The biggest problem with the "1776 Commission" report is its broad and unfounded assumptions about how students actually respond to history classes. The report never asks if students might love America more because it has moved on from the 18th century, because its purpose is ideological grievance, not effective teaching. 

  • The Origins of Trump’s Slapdash, Last-Second ‘1776 Report’

    by Joshua Tait

    Putting the "1776 Commission" report into context requires understanding that it's not just a "conservative" project, but a product of a movement to define the United States as the realization of classical and Biblical civilization imperiled by relativism and multiculturalism. 

  • Against the Consensus Approach to History

    by William Hogeland

    Current debates about the historiography of slavery and the founding mistake the authority claimed by past generations of historians for scholarly integrity instead of recognizing that writing history has always been a political act (that often works to conceal its politics).

  • AHA Condemns Report of Advisory 1776 Commission

    “Written hastily in one month after two desultory and tendentious ‘hearings,’” the AHA writes, “without any consultation with professional historians of the United States, the report fails to engage a rich and vibrant body of scholarship that has evolved over the last seven decades."

  • A Push for ‘Patriotic Education’

    David Blight and Lindsay Stallones Marshall argue that the report's purpose is purely political and will result in further degradation of the public capacity to judge facts and evidence. 

  • The Ideas Behind Trump’s 1776 Commission Report

    Nicole Hemmer, David Blight, Geoffrey Kabaservice, and Adam Laats place the 1776 Commission report in the context of longstanding political and cultural battles over historical narrative.