Good Friday Accords

  • Staging History to Make History: Theater and the Road to the Good Friday Agreement

    by Marilynn Richtarik

    Brian Friel's play "Making History" wasn't faithful to the facts of the life of Hugh O'Neill, a 16th century chieftain who had symbolized Irish resistance to colonization. But, as an influential artist, Friel purposefully substituted myths of cultural hybridity for myths of nationalism to make the negotiation of peace palatable to his friends in politics.

  • John Hume, Nobel Laureate for Work in Northern Ireland, Dies at 83

    "In the parlance of Northern Ireland, Mr. Hume was a “nationalist” whose dream of a reunited Ireland had no place for the violence embraced by “republicans” like the I.R.A., with its armed fighters and networks of financiers, bomb-makers and sympathizers in the region and in the United States."

  • The Slow Path to Police Reform in Northern Ireland

    by Donald M. Beaudette and Laura Weinstein

    It took deep reforms and patience to build trust in policing across the sectarian divide of Northern Ireland after the Good Friday Accords. Does that process have lessons for the United States?