• What Happened to Pieing Powerful People in the Face?

    by Rossi Anastopoulo

    For three decades beginning in the 1970s, political groups used the time-honored comedy move as a way of humbling the powerful and (mostly) non-violently resisting bigotry. Why have public pieings nearly vanished? 

  • Reclaiming the Power of Rebellion

    Activist Derecka Purnell interviews Elizabeth Hinton about her new book "America on Fire" and the need to think about urban unrest in political, not criminal or psychological, terms. 

  • Witness Against the Beast

    by Christopher Tomlins

    Nat Turner followed his evangelical faith to challenge a profane and degenerate slaveholding regime. Today's white evangelical Christians must decide whether to support the successor of that regime. 

  • The Double Standard of the American Riot

    by Kellie Carter Jackson

    Many people are asking if violence is a valid means of producing social change. The hard and historical answer is yes. Riots have a way of magnifying not merely the flaws in the system, but also the strength of those in power.