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  • Originally published 01/27/2015

    Tut’s beard glued back on like a bad craft project

    The false beard on the gold funerary mask of Tutankhamun, probably the single most recognizable ancient artifact in the world, had come off and was reattached with a sloppy mess of irreversible epoxy glue.

  • Originally published 02/15/2013

    Tutankhamun could have been lost forever

    Tomorrow marks the 90th anniversary of the moment that the Earl of Carnarvon and Howard Carter, working in primitive conditions in the desert, found and opened the tomb.They became the first people to lay eyes upon the boy king's sarcophagus in 3,000 years, and also made an “extraordinary contribution” to our historical understanding, the fifth earl’s ancestor and namesake George Herbert has said.Ahead of the anniversary the current Lord Carnarvon praised the "determined and stoic behaviour" of the archaeological team....

  • Originally published 11/11/2016

    Trumpism: At Home & Abroad

    There's No There There

    Can the Democratic Party become the party of working people again?