• Itta Bena, Miss. Works to Preserve Civil Rights History

    Shannon Bowden of Mississippi Valley State University is leading a public history project for the nearby Delta town of Itta Bena, preserving the sites and stories of voting rights activism. 

  • SNCC's Unruly Internationalism

    by Dan Berger

    SNCC activists' global understanding of the problem of racism, expressed at the height of the Cold War, cost the organization external support, but left a vital legacy for international movements for justice. 

  • Remembering Bob Moses, 1935–2021

    by Margaret Burnham

    Robert Moses's commitment to grassroots democratic organizing was best expressed through listening rather than speaking, and purposeful following rather than leading. 

  • Who Were the Freedom Riders?

    Representative John Lewis was among the 13 original Freedom Riders, who encountered violence and resistance as they rode buses across the South, challenging the nation’s segregation laws.

  • The Essential and Enduring Strength of John Lewis

    by Jelani Cobb

    "Lewis, like his peers Andrew Young, Marion Barry, and Eleanor Holmes Norton, transitioned into elected office as the post from which he would undertake this work. It was not an easy undertaking."