• COVID Protesters Must Stop Exploiting Symbols of the Holocaust

    by David M. Perry

    "We all need to keep asserting basic truths: vaccinations are safe, public health measures are often complicated and require tradeoffs that we need to be transparent about, and these people cosplaying Holocaust victims are dangerously trivializing the history of the Holocaust."

  • Fauci Donates Model to Smithsonian’s COVID-19 Collection

    Dr. Anthony Fauci's model of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been a prop in numerous informational sessions since the beginning of the pandemic. Now, the plastic germ will reside in the Smithsonian's collections. 

  • Teaching: More Pandemic-Driven Innovations Professors Like

    "The themes running through all of these innovations are flexibility and engagement: The more ways in which people can participate in the classroom, contribute to discussions, and share their ideas, readers found, the more learning improves."

  • How US History Explains Vaccine Passport Skepticism

    Opposition to requiring documentary proof of vaccination to participate in some activities is rooted both in the weak traditions of public health in the United States and legitimate fears that such "passports" will work to disadvantage the poor, minorities, and others who are less able to access vaccination. 

  • SSU Faculty Retrenchment Plan Accidentally Released

    Salem (MA) State University's General Counsel disputed that a spreadsheet accidentally relased in response to a records request and circulated by a faculty member constitutes a plan to terminate faculty positions for budgetary reasons. Faculty argue that it is consistent with pressure they face to accept furloughs and doubt administration assurances that retrenchment is off the table.

  • Historian Brooke Newman on the Front Lines of COVID Vaccination

    Historian Brooke Newman, after careful research, is allowing her daughter to participate in the a trial of a vaccine, already tested for teens, on younger children. They cite the personal desire to return to normalcy, the documented safety of the vaccine in earlier trials, and advancing the collective cause of public health in their decision.

  • The Sports Pages of Death

    by Tom Engelhardt

    The developing effort to control and contain the COVID pandemic raise the question of why governments and industry are not doing more to avoid the worst case scenarios of climate change. 

  • Aruká Juma, Last Man of His Tribe, Is Dead

    As the last fluent speaker of the tribe’s language, Mr. Juma’s death means that much of the tribe’s language and many of its traditions and rituals will be forever lost.

  • The Coronavirus Killed the Gospel of Small Government

    by Zachary D. Carter

    Revisiting the work of Keynes highlights the fact that struggles to deal with the pandemic are not only public health failures but economic failures — an inability to marshal resources to solve a problem.