colleges and universities

  • Critical Race Theory is Just the New Buzzword in Conservatives’ War on Campuses

    by Lauren Lassabe

    "When understood in this historical context, it becomes clear that complaints about critical race theory are not genuine objections to one type of idea or teaching. Instead, this grievance is part of a far longer and larger campaign to reshape campuses by elevating conservative views and quashing liberal ones."

  • The Far Right’s College Crusade

    "As some campus Republicans move toward the far right, what was previously an assault on higher education from groups based largely outside academe has become an inside job."

  • Johns Hopkins Enslaved People. Or Did He?

    As a university-sponsored report comes under fire, historians debate the evidence for the claim that Johns Hopkins owned slaves, and some question whether one university's relationship to slavery is an important research question at all. 

  • Retaining Its Name

    Despite a protest movement by students and other stakeholders, Washington and Lee University's institutional changes in response to its legacy of slavery and ties to the Confederacy will not include rejecting Robert E. Lee's name.

  • The Racist Roots of Campus Policing

    by Eddie R. Cole

    Campus police forces often trace their origins to moments when Black demands for expanded housing opportunity clashed with universities' ambitions for expansion or desire to maintain white residential areas near their campuses. 

  • It’s Time to Break Up the Ivy League Cartel

    by Sam Haselby and Matt Stoller

    Ivy League institutions have an unfair hold on the distribution of opportunity and on the diversity of ideas in America and the world. 

  • Why We Should Abolish the Campus Police

    by Davarian L. Baldwin

    University police forces are a major factor in strained relationships between colleges and their communities. Abolish them, says the author. 

  • Dropout Professors

    by Gretchen Soderlund

    Sharing the stories of professors who, like her, dropped out of high school, one historian argues that we need open-admission and affordable public colleges and an education system that does more to keep students in. 

  • Campus Cancel Culture Freakouts Obscure the Power of University Boards

    by Asheesh Kapur Siddique

    The real power at American universities lies with their boards of directors, which are increasingly drawn from the ranks of corporate America and have shown themselves willing to enforce ideological restrictions on teaching and research. 

  • Racist Attacks Revive Asian American Studies Program Demand

    Asian American student activists who are advocating for Asian American studies programs are carrying forward the legacy of student protest in the 1960s that led to the establishment of the first ethnic studies programs. 

  • The War on Critical Race Theory

    by David Theo Goldberg

    "The exact targets of CRT’s critics vary wildly, but it is obvious that most critics simply do not know what they are talking about. Instead, CRT functions for the right today primarily as an empty signifier for any talk of race and racism at all."

  • Death, Taxes, and Ivory Towers

    Universities have long claimed to be engines of local economic development. The tax exemptions many wealthy institutions enjoy bring that claim into question. Historian Davarian Baldwin provides background to a report on Yale and New Haven. 

  • Are Campus Bookstores Undermining Student Learning?

    by Elizabeth Stice

    Today’s undergraduates are increasingly being cornered into ongoing financial commitments for everything, while they never take possession of anything. Rejecting digital book programs run by campus bookstores outsourced to third parties could help reverse this trend.

  • Studying History Should not be Only for the Elite, Say Academics

    Professor Kate Williams said she was angry that the Tory government is “pushing a vision that only Stem subjects [science, technology, engineering and mathematics] matter and degrees are only worthwhile if you immediately move to a job paying a very high salary”.

  • Tensions Boil at UT-Austin over "The Eyes of Texas"

    "Kendall Walker, a UT-Austin senior who is part of the student strike in the admissions office, said she thinks administrators wrongly assumed the issue would die down after the school formed a committee this past year to study the song’s origins."