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The Tennessean

  • Originally published 08/07/2013

    Scopes was a willing 'guinea pig'

    On May 26, 1925, The New York Times’ front page featured a story from Tennessee that would become one of the most famous court trials in our history.“John T. Scopes, young Dayton (Tenn.) high school teacher, tonight stands indicted for having taught the theory of evolution to students attending his science classes in violation of a law passed by the Tennessee Legislature and signed by the Governor on March 21, 1925. … The hearing of the case will bring many notables to the little mountain town, including William Jennings Bryan for the prosecution and Clarence Darrow of Chicago and Dudley Field Malone of New York for the defense.”...

  • Originally published 07/23/2013

    The Farm, home to free spirits for 42 years, is at a crossroads

    Aged with years of cannabis and communal living, Stephen Gaskin’s body is worn and his words unhurried. At 78, he walks with slow intention. But the spirit of this tie-dye-clad hippie philosopher — iconic founder of The Farm — remains vibrant.Ask him about the beginning, and his blue eyes come ablaze.More than four decades ago, Gaskin led a caravan of nonconformists across the country, taking his band of beatnik brethren deep into the Tennessee woods. They traveled from San Francisco and settled on a 1,750-acre spread of land in Summertown in 1971 to form their own society — a spiritual commune called The Farm....

  • Originally published 02/14/2013

    Supporters celebrate battlefield purchase, future Civil War park

    FRANKLIN — The land where the bloodiest day in Franklin’s history occurred will one day be a new Columbia Avenue park one day — and no one will owe any money after its purchase.A ceremony on Wednesday marked the sale of the Columbia Avenue Domino’s Pizza restaurant and a small retail strip center next door to the Civil War Trust. The property is at 1225 Columbia Ave.After years of work, the trust and local supporters raised a total of $2.2 million in pledges, donations and grants to purchase the 1.5 acres of land, which will be used in what will be a seven acre park....