academic labor

  • The Labor of Teaching and Administrative Hysteria

    by Elise Archias and Blake Stimson

    Although diversity and cultural sensitivity administrators often embrace (and arguably encourage) student complaints about ideas presented in the classroom, students are more harmed when administrators use those complaints to undercut the expertise and autonomy of faculty who have effective ways of teaching difficult material.

  • DeSantis's Real Campus Attack is on Labor

    by Dan Royles

    "I’m exhausted because I teach U.S. history, including African American and LGBTQ+ history, at a public university in Florida." This places the author at the intersection of DeSantis's public attacks on verboten ideas and his quieter steps to gut tenure protections for the state's faculty and union representation for all educators in Florida.  

  • Rutgers Unions Suspend Strike after Big Gains

    Although unions representing graduate workers, lecturers, and full-time faculty must approve them, a framework for agreement has been reached that would deliver significant gains in wages and other demands. 

  • Why are Universities so Disrespectful of their Organized Workers?

    by Maximillian Alvarez

    From teaching assistants to cafeteria workers, labor exploitation and union busting are the shady underside of the modern university, according to three scholars active in the academic labor movement. 

  • Rearranging Deck Chairs at AHA?

    by Jacob Bruggeman

    "If professional history is history, it isn’t due to academic politics — it’s because of the sharp contraction and possible collapse of the job market." What are the profession's ostensible leaders going to do about it? 

  • Another Casualty of the Academic Job Market? The Relatable Professor

    by Elizabeth Stice

    As the academic job market demands a degree of excellence and achievement in young scholars that was unknown for earlier generations of faculty, are the shrinking ranks of the faculty being filled with professors who struggle to relate to their students? 

  • Temple Revives Old-Time Union Busting against Grad Students

    by Heather Ann Thompson

    Temple's decision to revoke the tuition remission of striking grad students (and threaten their ability to complete degrees) is the kind of hardball tactic that bodes ill for workers in every workplace in America, and a reminder of the need to understand the country's labor history. 

  • We've Reached the Execution Stage of the Profession's Demise

    by Jacques Berlinerblau

    "The decisions which ravaged the future for coming generations of Ph.D.s were made not just by consultants and suits, but by those with Ph.D.s and likely a few peer-reviewed publications. This was scholar-on-scholar violence."