• Honoring the Confederacy, Tennessee GOP Stands for Insurrection

    by Daniel Feller

    Amid the recent furor over the expulsion of two Black Democrats from the state House, Tennessee lawmakers made another shameful move: affirming acclaim for the Confederacy while disregarding the work of historians who have demonstrated that the CSA was founded to protect slavery and white supremacy. 

  • Remember, too, the Victims Nazis Singled Out for their Politics

    by Adam J. Sacks

    A German organization dedicated to the remembrance of left-wing victims of the Nazis has had its charitable status revoked. While the history of Nazism's persecution and murder of Jews and other groups is rightly commemorated, Nazism's violence against the political left has been obscured. 

  • The Conservative Case for Moving Forrest's Bust

    by Michael Nelson

    To the extent that the arguments of both Forrest’s liberal critics and conservative defenders are valid, the debate about how to remember him is a hard one to resolve. But are the arguments of his defenders valid? I’m a conservative who’s not so sure.