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Office of the House Historian

  • Originally published 02/12/2013

    House of Representatives Historian Launches Website

    Imagine it is Dec. 8, 1941.  President Franklin D. Roosevelt has just addressed Congress in order to request declaration of war after Japan's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.Which congressman fought in favor of war and who was vehemently against it?You don't need to head to a museum to find out.  A new website allows history buffs to hear the arguments and first-hand accounts of these events in the comfort of their own living rooms.The Office of the House Historian and Clerk of the House's Office of Art and Archives together launched the website, which provides a roundup on the nearly 11,000 members who've served in the House, on Dec. 28.  The website contains nearly 1,000 items in its database that consists of everything House-related -- from wonky photos to vintage furniture to congressional baseball cards....