• The Romance of the Highway Obscures Harm to Communities of Color

    by Ryan Reft

    Secretary Pete Buttigieg's comments that interstate construction entrenched racial segregation were denounced as "woke" by critics. But history shows that highway planners knew that such consequences were likely to ensue, and proceeded anyway. 

  • The Ideology of the Bicycle

    The bicycle since its invention has found itself at the center of debates about who public space is for. 

  • Tom Standage on his Brief History of Motion

    by James Thornton Harris

    Author Tom Standage discusses his history of personal transportation, the future of private automobile ownership, and the power of technology as a driver of history.

  • The Myth And The Truth About Interstate Highways

    by Sarah Jo Peterson

    A historian with experience in transportation planning takes a close look at the way that canonical texts in the highway planning field have erased the politics of road building and the way that the interstate highway system was always tied to urban land use planning and urban renewal. 

  • The Forgotten History of How Accessible Design Reshaped the Streets

    Long before the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 mandated curb cuts at all street corners, 30 years ago this summer, disabled people had pointed to the design of the street as a key locus of their political rights — the sidewalk that stands for being in public space, and therefore in the public sphere.

  • Justice In Movement

    by Genevieve Carpio

    History should challenge us to think about transportation not only in terms of moving people, but of distributing the costs and benefits of mobility equitably.