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  • Originally published 08/23/2017

    HNN Videos

    Videos HNN has taken of historians at history conventions.  

  • Originally published 01/02/2014

    Yoni Appelbaum: The Historian in the Digital Age [VIDEO]

    Yoni Appelbaum is a doctoral student at Brandeis University, and a columnist for The Atlantic. In this interview from the 2014 AHA annual meeting, he explains how he came to The Atlantic's attention, and talks about the future of digital history

  • Originally published 08/08/2013

    'Uncommon Knowledge:' Victor Davis Hanson

    Military historian Victor Davis Hanson discusses his latest book "The Savior Generals" with Peter Robinson. Hanson identifies the shared characteristics of generals throughout history who saved wars deemed "lost." "Uncommon Knowledge" is produced by the Hoover Institution.

  • Originally published 07/14/2013

    Ray Begovich: How I Found Rare Footage of FDR in a Wheelchair

    David Austin Walsh

    Ray Begovich, a journalism professor at Franklin College in Franklin, Indiana, has announced that he has discovered an eight-second clip of FDR being pushed in his wheelchair aboard the cruiser U.S.S. Baltimore in July 1944.

  • Originally published 02/12/2013

    Video mashup of 60 years of SOTU

    The Washington Post video team has created a video mashup of State of the Union addresses from the past sixty years -- check it out here.Further Reading:Important State of the Union Addresses in History

  • Originally published 03/18/2014

    Crimea: Power on Display

    CHooper's Post-Soviet Futures Blog

    With Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to annex Crimea, we are witnessing a grand act of political theater.