Indigenous history

  • "Indigenous Continent" Seeks Shakeup of American History

    by Sean T. Byrnes

    Pekka Hämäläinen seeks to frame the history of North America in terms of the indigenous peoples who settled the continent before the arrival of Europeans and, crucially, continued to dominate the continent into the nineteenth century. 

  • OAH, AHA File Joint SCOTUS Brief in Case Affecting Indigenous Adoption and Family Rights

    "If the court strikes down the ICWA in whole or in part, the decision could have devastating impacts on Native American families and, potentially, on federal Indian law writ large. Resuming the practice of Native child removal would cause active harm to Native families as well as jeopardize the future sovereignty of tribal governments.

  • Are Native Land Acknowledgments Empty Gestures?

    by Graeme Wood

    Too often, says Atlantic writer Graeme Wood, the rote ackowledgment by a speaker that an event is taking place on land historically occupied by an indigenous people is an empty gesture that short-circuits discussion of Native demands.

  • Rethinking Afro-Indigenous History in the United States

    by Kyle T. Mays

    A historian argues for rethinking the cultural practices of enslaved Africans and their encounters with Native Americans by considering that both were, in a sense, "indigenous" resistance to the European settler-colonialist agenda. 

  • The Fantasy of Hispanic Heritage Month

    by Frank P. Barajas

    Conceived by a Congressman to honor the contributions of ethnic Mexicans to American society, Hispanic Heritage Month is based in a mythical Spanish past that obscures the indigenous history of the west and legitimates the succession of power from Iberian to Anglo elites.