Ida B. Wells

  • The Black Press is a Model for How to Cover Racism in the News

    by Olivia Paschal

    The mainstream press worked to obscure the nature and extent of racist violence in the early 20th century; Black journalists and Black-owned newspapers did the essential work of preserving the truth and explaining the context of white supremacist terrorism. 

  • Confronting "Who We Are"

    by Verena Erlenbusch-Anderson

    The Capitol riots should prompt consideration of how racism is sustained by mainstream institutions and operates through everyday patterns of thought and action, as much as in open eruptions of violence. 

  • Ida B. Wells Honored with Posthumous Pulitzer

    Ida B. Wells's pioneering role as a journalist on the front lines of struggle against racist terrorism at the nadir of American race relations was posthumously recognized with a Pulitzer Prize yesterday.