• The Real Reason the American Economy Boomed After World War II

    by Jim Tankersley

    Citing recent economic research, the author argues that fighting employment discrimination and ending the idea that white men have a privileged claim on good jobs will be a potent engine for economic growth if and when America recovers from the pandemic. 

  • The Black Plague

    by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

    Public officials lament the way that the coronavirus is engulfing black communities. The question is, what are they prepared to do about it?

  • After Reparations

    How a scholarship helped — and didn't help — descendants of victims of the 1923 Rosewood racial massacre.

  • The Dark History of Anti-Gay Innuendo

    by James Kirchick

    The accusation that Lindsay Graham is susceptible to blackmail is historically groundless, predicated upon the same flawed assumption most people held about gays at the height of the Cold War: that they would commit treason in order to avoid being outed.  

  • ‘Too Bad You’re Latin’

    by John Leguizamo

    The actor John Leguizamo, referring to himself as an amateur historian, says Americans need to know more about the Hispanic experience.

  • No Irish Need Apply?

    by Richard Jensen

    A teenager claimed that there’s proof in online newspaper archives that the Irish faced massive job discrimination. The media proclaimed her a star. Only she was wrong.