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  • Originally published 10/24/2016

    ‘Too Bad You’re Latin’

    John Leguizamo

    The actor John Leguizamo, referring to himself as an amateur historian, says Americans need to know more about the Hispanic experience.

  • Originally published 08/11/2015

    No Irish Need Apply?

    Richard Jensen

    A teenager claimed that there’s proof in online newspaper archives that the Irish faced massive job discrimination. The media proclaimed her a star. Only she was wrong.

  • Originally published 03/30/2015

    Here's a look at history of 'religious freedom' laws

    Citing the Supreme Court's decision in the Hobby Lobby case, Pence said Indiana needs its own version of the federal law to "ensure that religious liberty is fully protected under Indiana law."

  • Originally published 05/05/2013

    The NYT Ignores USDA Discrimination

    Pete Daniel

    Sharecroppers in Georgia, 1941. Credit: Library of Congress.The New York Times recently published a report that focused on fraud in disbursing settlements for U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) discrimination among African American, Indian, Hispanic, and women farmers. Reporter Sharon LaFraniere wrote of “career lawyers and agency officials who had argued that there was no credible evidence of widespread discrimination.”

  • Originally published 06/28/2014

    50 Years of Mischief: The Triumph and Trashing of the Civil Rights Act

    Liberty and Power

    July 2 marks the 50th anniversary of the most famous Civil Rights Act in U.S history. Passed after the longest debate in congressional history, the Civil Rights Act (CRA) promised to secure justice for all regardless of race, color, creed, sex, or national origin. As I wrote in Race and Liberty: The Essential Reader, the law “was understood to mean ‘colorblindness’ by nearly every observer at the time.” The plain meaning of the act might be summed up as: “Nondiscrimination. Period.”