James Baldwin

  • Evaluating the Perpetually Forthcoming Racial Reckoning

    Journalist Wesley Lowery turns to a rereading of James Baldwin and Derrick Bell to consider how the racial identity of the officers who beat Tyre Nichols to death fits into the history of American racism. 

  • The History That James Baldwin Wanted America to See

    by Eddie S. Glaude, Jr.

    "In his reflections on King, Baldwin wrote that we were witnessing the death of segregation, and that the question was how long and how expensive the funeral would be. If only he knew."

  • Picturing James Baldwin in Exile

    by Robin Lindley

    1964 portrait of James Baldwin. All photos courtesy of Sedat Pakay.Being out . . . one is really not very far out of the United States . . . One sees it better from a distance . . . from another place, from another country.-- James BaldwinJames Baldwin (1924-1987), the renowned American novelist, essayist, playwright, civil rights advocate and social critic, was an outspoken advocate for equality and respect for all citizens regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or sexual preference. His novels include Giovanni’s Room, Go Tell It on the Mountain, and Another Country, but he may be most remembered for his powerful essays, often reflections on the timeless American obsessions with race and sexuality, found in his books such as Notes of a Native Son, The Fire Next Time and Nobody Knows My Name.