• The Clinton-Era Law that Still Devastates Black Families

    by Dorothy E. Roberts

    The Adoption and Safe Families Act mandated state intervention to protect children from neglect, but did nothing to ensure an economic and social safety net to mitigate hardship. The result, spurred by anti-Black tropes, was an acceleration of family breakup by state agencies. 

  • Our Adoption Policies have Harmed Children

    by Mical Raz

    Changes adopted under the Clinton administration elevated the adoption of children from foster care as a policy goal, which had the effect of marginalizing biological parents from the process, sometimes contrary to children's best interests. 

  • Safe Haven "Baby Boxes" are a Medieval Horror

    by Maria Laurino

    "As generations of twentieth-century Italian mothers and their children can attest, giving a woman no choice but to anonymously surrender her baby is a route to ruined lives."