Tucker Carlson

  • With Tucker, Fox Painted Itself Into a Corner

    by Nicole Hemmer

    Carlson was the key figure that allowed Fox News to avoid being eclipsed by MAGA and the ability of Donald Trump to command media attention without the network's help. Now the network must reckon with the costs – in legal settlements and journalistic legitimacy—of letting Carlson run the show. 

  • Tucker Carlson Embodies the GOP's Cynicism

    by Tom Nichols

    "If you were trying to undermine a nation and dissolve its hopes for the future, you could hardly design a better vehicle than Tucker Carlson Tonight."

  • Does Tucker's Path Lead to (Alex) Jonestown?

    Like Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson's success hinged on smuggling far-right conspiratorial views into the mainstream through incredulity and absurdity to encourage viewers to accept an alternate, grievance-driven reality. 

  • Like the Klan, January 6 Deniers Will Lose

    by Adam Serwer

    During Reconstruction, the rapid growth of partisan media outlets made it impossible to tell whether stories of Klan atrocities were true or "fake news." Elaine Frantz Parsons explains how the reality of the Klan became established. 

  • Is the Left Involved in its Own "Great Replacement"?

    by Cathy Young

    No – while the Democrats have been publicly (and perhaps unjustifiably) confident that demographic change favors their electoral interests, the right is bringing a racist conspiracy theory from the fringes to the mainstream.

  • Tucker Carlson Heralds Yet Another "Crisis of Masculinity"

    by Mona Charen

    Tucker Carlson's recent examination of testicular tanning as a boost to manliness shows the need for societies to support pathways to male expression that don't lead to violence or painful sunburns. 

  • Why Tucker Carlson went to Hungary

    by Nicole Hemmer

    Tucker Carlson's PR visit to Orban's Hungary echoes the tribute paid by leaders of the American right to racist regimes in Rhodesia and South Africa in the 1970s, and reflect the ongoing fantasy of the right to rule free of constraints of law and democratic norms. 

  • How Tucker Carlson Became the Voice of White Grievance

    "What emerges is a portrait of an ambitious television personality who came of age in privilege — having grown up in an upper-class enclave and attended private schools — but who, by his own telling, is a victim."

  • Tucker Carlson’s Cries about Immigrants

    by Zachary M. Schrag

    Before Tucker Carlson, Samuel Morse was the nation's leading anti-immigrant troll. And, like Carlson, he attributed evils to Catholic immigrant voters that simply reflected the day's political culture, shared by native-born and immigrant Americans. 

  • Are Puerto Ricans White?

    by Jonathan Harrison

    That’s what Tucker Carlson claimed when defending Trump from charges he neglected the island because he’s racist. Here’s the backstory.