Central Park

  • Central Park's New Gate of the Exonerated Prompts Reflection on Parks as Stages for Racism

    by Amanda Martin-Hardin

    Since at least the 19th century, White authorities have attempted to remove and exclude Black people from park landscapes, and fears of crime or disorder have been weapons in that effort. Honoring the falsely convicted teens in the Central Park Jogger assault is a step toward more inclusive open spaces. 

  • In the “Bramble” of Central Park, a Showdown Over Nature and Race

    by Douglas C. Sackman

    The viral video of the confrontation between birder Christian Cooper and dog walker Amy Cooper in Central park illuminates how nature and race have been constructed in America, giving privileged access to some while turning others into eternal trespassers. 

  • Richard Gilder’s American Legacy

    Howard Husock argues that the late Richard Gilder's work with the Central Park Conservancy showed the benefits of using private philanthropy to preserve public parks instead of government programs, and praises Gilder's support for the study of American history.