White Nationalism

  • There are No "Lone Wolves"

    Building on the work of Kathleen Belew and others, the Times editorial board argues that recent episodes of racial terrorism are part of a global white nationalist movement. 

  • White Christian Nationalism is Out in the Open Now

    by Annika Brockschmidt and Thomas Lecaque

    The boundaries of acceptable discussions of the relationship of religion and civil authority and citizenship have shifted on the right as political candidates now treat the label "Christian nationalist" with defiance instead of denial, and deploy a mythical version of the past to justify their views.

  • The Court's Abortion Decision is Based in White Nationalist Myth

    by Samira K. Mehta and Lauren MacIvor Thompson

    The durable image of "motherhood and apple pie" is central to the myth of white Christian nationalism and part of the ideological impulse to strip away reproductive freedom. 

  • Buffalo Shooting Exposes How History Shapes the Present

    by Chad Williams

    "Buffalo’s unique history of African American freedom, civil rights struggle and perseverance in the face of structural racism and economic neglect remind us of why Gendron targeted this particular community and why this shooting is especially heinous."

  • Racist "Replacement" Theory Goes Mainstream

    "White replacement theory" posits the existence of a plot to change America's racial composition by methodically enacting policies that reduce white Americans' political power. It's moved from the fringes of the hard right to the mainstream of conservative media and some Republican politicians. 

  • Bad Religion in the Ivory Tower

    by Jacques Berlinerblau

    Have scholars of religion and politics missed the rise of militant Christian nationalism because they follow an unspoken rule to "always posit religion at its best, secularism at its worst"? 

  • What White Power Supporters Hear Trump Saying

    by Alexander Hinton

    Donald Trump's attacks on "political correctness" aren't calls for intellectual openness or academic freedom; they are coded messages invoking white grievance politics, including the longstanding idea that multiculturalism is part of a genocidal attack on the white race.

  • Americans Aren't Worried about White Nationalism in the Military– Because They Don't Know It's There

    by Jennifer Spindel, Matt Motta, and Robert Ralston

    The extent of white nationalism in the active military is not precisely known. But few Americans are aware at all of the connections between the military and far right groups. Publicizing the fact that military leadership--a trusted group--is concerned about the issue could make more Americans aware of the problem of domestic extremism.