Rosa Parks

  • Excerpts from a Civics Textbook I Assume Would be Welcome in Florida

    by Alexandra Petri

    "American history is full of many heroes, whose accomplishments we will have no problem telling you about in the state of Florida! They fought for justice, which was brave of them, if a little redundant, because there was no specific injustice to fight against."

  • Rosa Parks: Radical

    by Jeanne Theoharis

    At the 110th anniversary of her birth, it's important to remember the civil rights icon as a militant organizer and career activist, writes the author of a new biography. 

  • The Hidden Life of Rosa Parks

    by Riché D. Richardson

    A brief video examines Rosa Park's work as a racial justice activist before the Montgomery Bus Boycott. 

  • The Problem with The Rosa Parks Barbie

    by Andrea S. Johnson

    Rosa Parks wasn't just a tired seamstress with aching feet. The true story of Rosa Parks that historians have worked hard to reconstruct is continually lost in public consumption.

  • Stonewall's Legacy and Kwame Anthony Appiah's Misuse of History

    by Alan Singer

    What Appiah misses in his dismissal of the Stonewall Rebellion’s historical importance is that symbols like Rosa Parks sitting down and Stonewall are crucial to social movements as they mobilize and move from the political margins to the center of civic discourse.