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Super Bowl

  • Originally published 10/11/2013

    For America, Life Was Cheap in Vietnam

    Nick Turse

    Obits of General Giap have implied we lost in Vietnam because of North Vietnamese callousness to casualties. That's a half-truth at best.

  • Originally published 02/04/2013

    Why the Volkswagen Super Bowl Ad Isn't Racist

    Pearl Duncan

    It was appropriate that in the pre-game festivities leading up to the Super Bowl from New Orleans, with so many of the musicians descended from African American ancestors who remembered their native language(s), played the “Iko, Iko” song, directly created from their ancestors’ blended languages.“My grandma and your grandma Were sittin’ by the fire. My grandma told your grandma: ‘I’m gonna set your flag on fire.’Talkin' 'bout: Hey now! Hey now! Iko, Iko, unday Jockamo feeno ai nane`. Jockamo fee nane`.*

  • Originally published 01/20/2015

    It's SUPER BOWL Time!!!!

    There's No There There

    The Super Bowl is designed to remind us that the USA, the NFL, and the 1% team owners are one and the same.