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Nancy MacLean

  • Originally published 09/12/2017

    Rules for Radicals

    Alan Wolfe

    A right-wing economist’s plan to rig democracy for the rich.

  • Originally published 07/18/2017

    On Buchanan's Intellectual History and MacLean's Missing Leviathan

    Liberty and Power

    Several defenders of Democracy in Chains have argued that the book's critics don't understand the methods and practices of "intellectual history." I argue here that the book fails as an intellectual history as well, because its author completely misses the central role that philosopher Thomas Hobbes played in Buchanan's body of scholarship.

  • Originally published 06/27/2017

    How Nancy MacLean Went Whistlin’ Dixie

    Liberty and Power

    In her new book about the origins of the radical right she claims that economist James M. Buchanan drew his inspiration from the segregationist poet Donald Davidson. But her story appears completely made up.