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War of 1812

  • Originally published 10/08/2013

    Shipwreck takes town back to War of 1812

    Ballast stones found in the Connecticut River may be tied to a battle in which the British set fire to 25 vessels, the war's largest maritime loss.

  • Originally published 02/04/2013

    Most popular page visited after arriving at War of 1812 website? The exit

    OTTAWA - The splashy home pages for the Harper government's elaborate War of 1812 website were by far the most popular feature for visitors who crowded into the online museum last year, thanks to an ad blitz during the Olympics.The next most popular page? The exit.The government spent upwards of $28 million to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, billing it as an under-appreciated piece of Canadian history.Indeed, polls conducted in the years prior to the anniversary suggested most Canadians had little knowledge or interest in the conflict that some argue lay the groundwork for Confederation....

  • Originally published 11/04/2014

    Putin, Putin, Putin & More Putin

    There's No There There

    Whatever the eventual outcome in Ukraine, Russian interests will have to be atken into account.