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Daily Mail (UK)

  • Originally published 08/20/2013

    Historian Richard Toye: Many thought Churchill drunk during wartime speeches

    Winston Churchill's powerful speeches have long been credited with helping to win the war, but one leading academic says there is 'little evidence' his oratory inspired the British to beat Nazi Germany.Professor Richard Toye also claims that the Second World War leader's 'finest hour' radio address, one of his most famous, lacked impact 'because many people thought that he was drunk'.The University of Exeter academic claims in a new book that Churchill was not a decisive influence on the nation's willingness to fight on against Hitler when Britain was almost on its knees in 1940.His research also found that when Singapore fell to the Japanese in 1942, one Londoner said his rallying speech was 'f****** bull****' and a 'f****** cover-up'....

  • Originally published 04/22/2013

    Skeleton of 4,400-year-old woman wearing golden jewellery is discovered in royal borough

    The discovery of the 4,400-year-old burial site of a woman adorned with gold jewellery has prompted speculation that Windsor's royal connection goes back further than suspected.Archaeologists working in a quarry near the royal family's Berkshire residence have unearthed a rare Copper Age grave of a middle-aged woman buried with some of Britain's oldest gold ornaments.The find is doubly significant since grave sites from the era containing such fine jewellery, which also included lignite and amber, are usually associated with men....

  • Originally published 03/27/2013

    Have we now found Alfred the Great?

    It couldbe the year for discovering notorious monarchs.Just weeks after remains found under a car park were confirmed as Richard III, archaeologists now believe they may just have stumbled on Alfred the Great.Amid great secrecy, a team exhumed an unmarked grave at a more fitting location for a Royal burial - a churchyard in Winchester named in ancient documents as his burial place.After a delicate 10-hour operation on Monday, human skeletal remains were unearthed in the churchyard of St Bartholomew’s in the Hyde area of the city, and taken for storage at an undisclosed location....

  • Originally published 02/04/2013

    Jutland survivor to get a facelift

    It is the last remaining survivor of the 1916 Battle of Jutland with its glory days far behind it.But now, the future of this historically significant war ship looks decidedly brighter.HMS Caroline has been given a grant of £1million for urgent repairs.The vital money will pay for work that will prevent further decay to the Belfast-based light cruiser while plans are finalised for its long-term future in the city.Works will include making the ship wind and water tight and incorporate the removal of dangerous asbestos while the ship is in situ and afloat....