income taxes

  • A Deal with the Devil: Nonprofits, Social Movements, and Your Taxes

    by Rebecca Gordon

    As taxpayers tallied their contributions to nonprofit organizations last month, few probably reflected on the fact that the tax code, by shielding large wealthy foundations from taxes, has historically allowed funders to capture social movements, often stopping them from making demands for drastic change in society. 

  • A Brief History of the Taxpayer in Chief

    by Margaret O'Mara

    The revelation, at the height of the Watergate investigation, that Richard Nixon had abused deductions to avoid nearly all of his tax obligations initiated modern interest in presidential candidates' tax returns. 

  • The Income Tax Amendment Turns One Hundred and It’s Worth Celebrating

    by Ray Raphael

    Image via Shutterstock.Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday, and like tens of millions of Americans, I watched the game last night, blackout and all. Yesterday morning, though, I celebrated a less popular institution: the federal income tax. February 3 marked the centennial of the Sixteenth Amendment, which wrote that tax into the Constitution.Why do I feel so alone?