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Henry Kissinger

  • Originally published 12/17/2015

    Henry Kissinger will receive Truman award

    The former secretary of state will receive the 2016 Harry S. Truman Legacy of Leadership Award during the institute’s annual “Wild About Harry” fundraiser on April 7.

  • Originally published 08/27/2015

    Kissinger’s 4 lessons

    Niall Ferguson

    Kissinger was never just a realist, as a review of his early life shows.

  • Originally published 10/09/2014

    Where Henry Kissinger's Dark Wisdom Blinds Him

    Jim Sleeper

    For a man who's well-known to be prickly about what he's well-known for, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger can't have been happy to find himself in The New York Times two weeks ago under a headline, "Kissinger Drew Up Plans to Attack Cuba, Records Show."

  • Originally published 09/11/2014

    NYT praises Kissinger’s new book as right for the times

    Given the multiplying foreign policy emergencies in the headlines, from the advance of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) to the face-off between Russia and Ukraine, the subject of Henry Kissinger’s new book, “World Order,” could not be more timely.

  • Originally published 05/22/2013

    Efrain Rios Montt Will Still Face Justice -- and So Should Henry Kissinger

    Van Gosse

    Credit: Flickr.Despite the May 20 ruling by Guatemala’s Constitutional Court, which overturned the original verdict on procedural grounds, the May 10 conviction of that country’s former head of state, General Efrain Rios Montt, for the genocide of Guatemala’s Mayan people, could be a defining event in modern history.

  • Originally published 01/31/2013

    The Paris "Peace" Accords Were a Deadly Deception

    Ken Hughes

    Richard Nixon addressing troops in South Vietnam. Via The New Nixon."The Agreement on Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Vietnam," signed January 27, 1973, never looked like it would live up to its name. Four decades later it stands exposed as a deliberate fraud.

  • Originally published 07/27/2014

    The History of Paul Krugman’s own Alarmist “Inflation Addiction”

    Liberty and Power

    Frequenters of the Krug-o-sphere will recognize a familiar theme of lambasting what he sees as inflationary alarmism. Krugman usually employs this critique to dismiss criticisms of either deficit finance or expansionary monetary policies, both of which comport well with his Keynesian economic outlook and his own political preferences on matters such as federal spending.  From a historical perspective however, Krugman’s position derives from an unusual source.