• Why Does US Policy Make Things Hard on Parents?

    For decades, the political idea that social services aimed at supporting parents and children constitute a governmental intrusion on the family has been used to thwart the kinds of supports that parents and children in the rest of the industrial world enjoy. 

  • Dorothy Pitman Hughes’s Activism Offers a Solution for the Coronavirus Gender Gap

    by Laura L. Lovett

    Dorothy Pitman Hughes' experience running a community childcare center highlighted not just the needs of working women, but the ways that childcare challenges were connected to all the big issues of the society. If we want a more just society today, Hughes' example and the COVID crisis show us where to look. 

  • Suffrage Movement Convinced Women They Could ‘Have It All’

    by Allison K. Lange

    Suffragists exploited the ideology of female domesticity to argue that the vote would make women the nation's mothers and housekeepers. COVID-19 has exposed the consequences of this strategy as women are unsupported in meeting obligations for paid and domestic labor.