Roundup: Audio/Video History

  • Tom Engelhardt (Interviewed by Bill Moyers!) on Supersized Politics in the 2012 Election

    If we’ve learned anything from the 2012 race, it’s that American politics have gotten way out of our control. Our guest Tom Engelhardt says that, like our sodas and our military, our elections have become “supersized.” In this web-exclusive interview, filmed before Hurricane Sandy reshaped the landscape, Engelhardt talks about the staggering amounts of money that shaped this election season and the substantive conversations were missing from it.Engelhardt is the founder of and author of The End of Victory Culture and co-author, with Nick Turse, of Terminator Planet: The First History of Drone Warfare.

  • Democracy Distilled: a History of Our Nation's Voting Rights

    Source: Democracy DistilledbyeLocalLawyers.comBefore you send your ballot in this year, take some time to think about what a privilege it is to vote. Not very long ago, the restrictions on voting rights silenced many people in our country. Although we may all have different views regarding political topics, we can all agree that our country has overcome a lot. Be thankful that you have a voice – and remember to vote November 6!

  • Presidents 42-44: Who Aged the Best?

    CNN goes week to week with presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama for their first 198 weeks in office.For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at

  • "City of Scoundrels" and "People Wasn't Made to"

    [CLICK ON LINK FOR VIDEO]Authors talked about their books about Chicago in 1919 and 1947 with Chicago Tribune literary editor Elizabeth Taylor. They also responded to questions from members of the audience.Gary Krist is the author of City of Scoundrels: The 12 Days of Disaster That Gave Birth to Modern Chicago, and Joe Allen is the author of People Wasn't Made to Burn: A True Story of Housing, Race, and Murder in Chicago.This was an event in the University Center's Lake Room at the 2012 Chicago Tribune Printers Row Lit Fest.

  • Mary Dudziak: U.S. in state of perpetual war

    University of Southern California law professor Mary Dudziak appeared Wednesday on MSNBC to explain why she believes the United States has been in a permanent state of war.“The idea of wartime is doing a lot of work in American politics,” she said. “The way we think about history is history passes through two different kinds of time, from wartime to peacetime to wartime et cetera.”“That’s the way we learn about it in school, that’s the way that we imagine it. When we use to concept of wartime, we assume that wartime is by definition temporary.”...

  • Niall Ferguson: euro was 'a terrible idea' [video, 13 minutes 10 seconds]

    The euro may survive as Europe's common currency, but the European Union itself may well disintegrate as a result of the European debt crisis, one of the world's leading economic historians says.Niall Ferguson told the CBC's Amanda Lang on Tuesday's The Lang & O'Leary Exchange that the problems facing Europe's economy are very dire.Governments in Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Spain have already been rocked by unsustainable debt loads, leaving stronger countries such as Germany's to steady them. Even the major economies of France and Italy have shown signs of weakness in recent months, casting doubt on the continent's single currency, the euro.In the interview, Harvard professor Ferguson said while the continent's leaders have shown "a pretty deplorable understanding of the problems they have," he thinks the euro will ultimately survive the crisis simply because there is no other option....